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Wrought Iron Fence String Light Holder / Mount

Wrought Iron Fence String Light Holder / Mount

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String lights; who doesn't love some string lights in their backyard?! But what you don't love is zip-tying them to your wrought iron fence. It's ugly and takes away from the beautiful view you're trying to create. These light holders replace the end-caps on top of the wrought iron posts to seamlessly mesh into the fenceline. Just pull out the rubber plug and insert the holder!

This product is made from ASA so it will withstand direct sunlight up to 100 degrees Celcius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit and down to -20C and -4F. It is also waterproof and fade-resistant. Each holder has a built-in track that allows you to add an optional zip tie to help hold the wires in place. The placement of the zip tie hides it from the casual observer.

When ordering, please confirm the measurements of the inside of the post as well as the outside (Photograph Above). These measurements need to be in millimeters to ensure the best possible accuracy. Adding a photograph via messages with a mm ruler over the top of the post would also be helpful. The endcaps that are pictured have an interior measurement of 34.75mm and an exterior of 38.25mm. From the top to the bottom of the exterior hanger is 60mm. The cord holder is 6.2mm in diameter (currently holding XMCOSY+ Outdoor String Lights, Smart 49Ft Patio Lights RGB, App & WiFi Control Color Changing LED String Lights with Dimmable 15 LED Bulbs, Works with Alexa, IP65 Waterproof, Shatterproof from Amazon). Additional colors are available upon request and will depend on what materials are in stock at the time of order.

These are ordered as each and not as a set. 

Every item is printed to order; every 3D-printed item is unique and will have slight variances from print to print, meaning it will not look EXACTLY like the items in the photos but it will be what you ordered. FDM 3D printing can result in layer lines and other slight imperfections during the printing process, making your purchase a unique product that will not be like anyone else's. Filament colors are not consistent from batch to batch, so the same listed color from a distributor cannot be guaranteed to be the exact same color from order to order. I ensure every product I send out is inspected for any structural faults or imperfections that make the product unusable, along with any unpleasing visual blemishes. If you find something wrong with your order, contact us and we will discuss options to remedy the issue.

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