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Glock Training Safety Barrels

Glock Training Safety Barrels

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These barrels are great for force-on-force training when you want to make sure firearms accidents won't, and more importantly can't, happen. You can also use the barrels to perform dry-firing practice, ensuring there can't be any live ammunition in the weapon while you train.

***This is a solid piece of plastic. It makes your Glock completely inert. It makes it safe. This product is not for live-fire use in any way shape or form***

These barrels are custom printed with PLA, PETG, or TPU but can be printed with other materials upon request and possibly an up-charge depending on the requested material. TPU is the preferred material for this application.

This design has been racked over a thousand times in a G19 without any damage to its parts. An M2 bolt has been added to the spring catch to provide even more protection in that area as it takes the most punishment when the slide is operated (design tested without bolt and with bolt in place - same results).

Barrels can be customized with your name to make sure you leave the range with what you brought with you. Team or unit names can also be added, making this a great gift for your squad or retiring/transferring members.

Safe training barrels for most Glock handguns generations 3-5. Currently available for models G17/19/22/23/26/27/34/35 - if your model isn't listed but uses one of the same barrels I have, then it should work in your Glock.

***NOTE: Generation 5 Glocks have relatively the same barrel as the previous generations but are slightly different. The measurements that are different should not affect these training barrels as they are non-functioning parts and the slight differences in measurements (cam slot lug) have no bearing in a non-firing weapon. 

More models coming when I can verify the proper fit for each barrel. More handgun makes are on the way as well.

And don’t forget to check out the rifle chamber safety flag for even more training safety.

All customization requests can be added to the "Special Instructions" section during the checkout process.

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