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Castle Panic board game pieces

Castle Panic board game pieces

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Castle Panic! Who doesn't love this great family game? But you know what I don't love? Those janky little cardboard pieces that came with the game. You know the ones that are easily bent and lost; the ones that don't transport your imagination to the world in which ogres and flying creatures attack your home-sweet-home castle; whilst you panic! Enter the Castle Panic board game pieces that cover the original game, the Wizard's Tower, and the Engines of War expansion packs.

NOTE: Some of the photos contain images from two other Castle Panic products available in the store. The round replacement board and storage boxes can be purchased separately.

This product only contains the following items:

All of the cardboard pieces have been replaced with colored custom pieces;

5 Towers

1 Wizard's Tower

6 Outer Walls

6 Half Outer Walls - for when a wall is damaged in the game

12 Flames

2 Tar Tokens

2 Barricades

2 Fortifications

1 Keep

1 Ballista

1 Catapult

1 Flaming Boulder

1 Boulder

2 Snare Traps

2 Pit traps

1 Base for game board

1 Tower Damage Base

4 Monster tokens

To make gameplay a little easier, I have added half-walls that replace the outer walls once they have been removed from the game board. The half walls allow you to place a monster token on top of them (pictured above) to make it easier to see if the monster is in the wall ring or still on the board in the Swordsman ring.

Similarly, I created a tower damage base that is placed off of the board. Once a tower is removed from gameplay, it is placed on the damage base (pictured above) to show it has been removed. A monster token can then be placed on the damage base in front of the tower to show where the monster is inside the tower ring.

When playing Castle Panic, it can sometimes be confusing to tell if the monster is inside the wall ring or tower ring and this fixes that issue. The monster tokens can also get knocked around making it difficult to see where it should move to next inside the tower ring; the damage base takes care of that as well. In addition, there are four different colored tokens that can take the place of the monster tokens and be put inside the damage base (pictured above) and moved around in place of the cardboard token, These plastic tokens have a top that allows a flame to be attached to them if that monster catches fire.

All customization requests can be added to the "Special Instructions" section during the checkout process.

*NOTE: Some of these pieces have been adapted from original work by RadBench. These pieces are covered under the creative commons license which allows me to remix, add to, and use them commercially with proper attribution being given to RadBench (you have been so attributed).

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