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Littman Core Eko Power on/off Protection Device

Littman Core Eko Power on/off Protection Device

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Core Eko Version 1 (Cone Shaped)
Core Eko Version 2 (Pill Shaped)

The Littmann Core Eko is a revolutionary healthcare product that I use in my everyday practice. However, after it's been stuffed in my flight suit, I find that when I take the Eko out, it has usually been turned on from bouncing around in my pocket and the battery is drained. After talking with other healthcare providers who use the Eko, they have the same problem even when their stethoscopes are around their necks or in a lab coat pocket.

To fix that, I created the Core Eko Protection Device. It is perfectly sized to slide onto the Eko while maintaining some friction to keep it in place. There are raised ridges along the front side to help your finger get a grip on it to slide it to the on or off position. Inside the power blocker is a channel that protects the raised volume buttons, on the top side of the Eko, from being worn down.

After extensive testing in my flight suit, I have found the problem to be completely solved. Get the power blocker today and never worry about unexpectedly running out of battery on your Eko again.

**Now available: Eko Core v1 cover! For those of you still rocking the original first version of the Core, we now have a power blocker to fit your model too! Make sure you choose the correct version of your core model at checkout.

Color choices may vary depending on what filaments are on hand at the time of your order. For instance, if you choose green, we may have two or seven variants on hand for you to choose from. Choose the color you want from the options listed and you can add comments or color questions in the notes box at the time of checkout. If you are looking for a very unique color or color combination (rainbow filaments), we can custom-order supplies for your item for $10-$20.

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