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50-Slide Upright Drying Rack

50-Slide Upright Drying Rack

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Upright slide drying rack for use in labs. This stackable slide-draining tray is made of PETG or ASA filament, both of which are heat-resistant (PETG 85C/185F - ASA 100C/212F), and resistant to a variety of chemicals. A chemical compatibility chart is included in the product photos. If a different material is needed based on the compatibility chart, contact us for special ordering information and updated prices which will be dependent on the needed material.

The tray comes with an option for numbered slide slots or no numbers. When ordering, select which material type and numbered or non-numbered, and your color choice. In the comments section on the ordering page, you can request other colors and we will let you know if they are available. Each order is custom printed and has a 3-5 business day processing time. We strive to get orders created within 24 hours of ordering but cannot be guaranteed. 

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