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Extinction - The Warriors Return (Book 1)

Extinction - The Warriors Return (Book 1)

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In a small portion of the galaxy, Earth is joined with many other worlds to form the Coalition. The Coalition and its member species work together in an attempt to mitigate the inevitable conflicts that arise as more and more of the galaxy is explored and its riches claimed.

Daria is a Marine Corps Corpsman assigned to one of the many Coalition’s combined species units. After her husband is killed in a training flight accident, Daria and her closest friend are deployed to a scientific research planet to guard the personnel at the base. Along with a team of Force Recon Marines, she will descend into the buried remains of a long-lost civilization and uncover startling information about a warrior species who are returning to their once claimed portion of the galaxy to take it back into their empire.

Meanwhile, a group of Coalition Special Forces is sent into the very heart of the warrior’s home system in an attempt to gain any information they can on their new enemy. Seth, a newly graduated officer, is thrust into a leading role on the mission after he shows exceptional promise as a team operator. Together with his mentor, they must rescue a group of prisoners on an enemy planet and return home to help prepare for the inevitable invasion.

The warriors are coming back with advanced technology, genetically-engineered superior soldiers, and a lust for blood and war that is unrivaled among the Coalition forces. Two teams race against time in an attempt to save everything the Coalition has worked for centuries to build…

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