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IV Line Medication Port Identifier

IV Line Medication Port Identifier

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IV Line Medication Port Identifier. If you work in critical care you know the struggle of trying to find an IV port that you can push medications or fluids through without having a compatibility issue. You can spend the first part of your shift organizing the 10+ lines your patient has only to come back from the bathroom and it looks like the ball of Christmas lights you pull out from the darkest corner of your garage every year.

Through the years I have used several different ways to make ports more easily identifiable such as colored tape, silk tape with written labels, medication-added stickers, and others. This device easily attaches to the IV line ports to allow you to quickly identify which ports are for what. They can also be easily removed and reused. Choose a color to identify specific fluid types such as red for vasopressors, white for dextrose solutions, and black for, "don't use this port". Or choose a single color, any color, that simply means, "This port is free from compatibility issues."

How you choose to use them is up to you; come up with your own system that provides you with the best workflow for your clinical practice. Glow-in-the-dark colors coming soon! You can also choose the clip model that allows you to clip the port identifier to a patient's gown, bed sheet, or another thin item to help keep the port in an easy-to-reach location.

These port identifiers have been tested with ten different IV tubing makes/models from different manufacturers and so far, it appears as though the port body is a standard size and it works on all of them.

If for some reason it doesn't fit your primary tubing options where you work, send me a photo and I'll reimburse your purchase and design a new model to fit your specific tubing set. These come in packages of 20 or 30, one or two colors, and with or without an attached clip.

All customization requests can be added to the "Special Instructions" section during the checkout process.

Every item is printed to order; every 3D-printed item is unique and will have slight variances from print to print, meaning it will not look EXACTLY like the items in the photos but it will be what you ordered. FDM 3D printing can result in layer lines and other slight imperfections during the printing process, making your purchase a unique product that will not be like anyone else's. Filament colors are not consistent from batch to batch, so the same listed color from a distributor cannot be guaranteed to be the exact same color from order to order. I ensure every product I send out is inspected for any structural faults or imperfections that make the product unusable, along with any unpleasing visual blemishes. If you find something wrong with your order, contact us and we will discuss options to remedy the issue.

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