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MyX Fitness Bike Tension Counter

MyX Fitness Bike Tension Counter

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MyXfitness bike tension knob counter. I love my MyXfitness bike as I'm sure you do, but I'm a visual person and I like to know how much tension/work I'm adding with each turn of the dial and I like to know how much I'm taking off. Instead of just turning that dial a quarter, half, or dare I say a full turn, take a look at the counter and know how far you're going in either direction. This is also a great gauge to show your progress as you move along your fitness journey; today you moved up 2.5 rotations of the dial on that last hill climb and next week you move up to 4! Being able to see a counter gives you a better visual reference of just how much work you're adding to each segment. And when it's time to rest on that straight-away and take all the tension off, you can quickly dial it down to zero and not have to guess where the no-tension zone is. The counter comes as a kit that you will have to install which requires a couple allen wrenches, about 30 minutes of your time, and the need to take off a few pieces of your bike and then put them back on. Instructions with color photographs will come with each kit. Allen wrenches can be added to your order if you don't have these handy at home (M2.5, and M3).

An installation video can be found here:

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