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Rifle Chamber Safety Flag

Rifle Chamber Safety Flag

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Want to train with your rifle and make sure you're safe? Insert a chamber safety flag to give yourself and others quick and easy recognition of a safe weapon on the range or in the training area. With the safety flag in place, the weapon cannot be loaded or made functional without first removing the safety device.

These safety devices are made from TPU which is a flexible yet firm material. It will allow you to drop the bolt without fear of cracking or destroying the device. They are compact to provide less area to grab your gear while training/slinging your weapon, and they stow in any pocket without taking up too much room so you can always have it with you.

It will fit any rifle with a standard .223-style ejection port. The item pictured is being used with a 9mm carbine. Currently offered in four colors; others may be available upon special request and possible surcharge.

Want to be extra safe? Head over to my Glock safety training barrel and grab yourself a whole bunch of safety for your next training session

All customization requests can be added to the "Special Instructions" section during the checkout process.

Every item is printed to order; every 3D-printed item is unique and will have slight variances from print to print, meaning it will not look EXACTLY like the items in the photos but it will be what you ordered. FDM 3D printing can result in layer lines and other slight imperfections during the printing process, making your purchase a unique product that will not be like anyone else's. Filament colors are not consistent from batch to batch, so the same listed color from a distributor cannot be guaranteed to be the exact same color from order to order. I ensure every product I send out is inspected for any structural faults or imperfections that make the product unusable, along with any unpleasing visual blemishes. If you find something wrong with your order, contact us and we will discuss options to remedy the issue.

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