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WiFi Network QR Code - Harry Potter

WiFi Network QR Code - Harry Potter

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WiFi network QR Code for visitors. Do you ever get tired of typing in your WiFi password for your guests when they come over? Wouldn't you like a unique and fun way to allow your guests to access your guest WiFi or even your primary SSID? Where do you think you belong? Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor, or maybe Ravenclaw? To find out where your guests belong, you should buy this 3D-printed custom-designed QR Code plaque to sort them out. Just put this up in the entryway to your home or other easily viewable area and your guests can use the camera on their phone to quickly and securely connect to your WiFi. No more typing in passwords. No more telling them which SSID to look for. Just point, click, and they're on their way to paying more attention to their phone than everyone else around them.

For all of you Hufflepuffs who need to look up a spell to fight he who shall not be named, this is the QR Code you need. There are several other themed plaques in the store, pick the one that is right for you. Firefly / Serenity, Star Trek, Star Wars, Archer, Rick and Morty, Battlestar Galactica, and classic literature-themed plaques are also available.

Completely custom plaques can be discussed and the price will be evaluated based on the amount of custom design that will be needed. This particular plaque was printed in two different ways; one has a textured matte finish and the other with raised 3D graphics. Each is photographed above. 

Completely custom plaques can be discussed and the price will be evaluated based on the amount of custom design that will be needed. This plaque can also be printed with a flat face (no raised text or graphics) which also creates a matte coloring with a grainy texture. Examples of this finish can be found with our Harry Potter and Darth Vader plaques.

Once your order is placed and the item is ready to be created, you will be sent a screenshot of the QR Code pre-print. You will need to scan this QR Code to make sure that it connects to your WiFi SSID properly. Once you have confirmed it works, your order will be printed.

Every item is printed to order; every 3D-printed item is unique and will have slight variances from print to print, meaning it will not look EXACTLY like the items in the photos but it will be what you ordered. FDM 3D printing can result in layer lines and other slight imperfections during the printing process, making your purchase a unique product that will not be like anyone else's. Filament colors are not consistent from batch to batch, so the same listed color from a distributor cannot be guaranteed to be the exact same color from order to order. I ensure every product I send out is inspected for any structural faults or imperfections that make the product unusable, along with any unpleasing visual blemishes. If you find something wrong with your order, contact us and we will discuss options to remedy the issue.

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